Samsung Monitor Deals



Recommended Samsung Monitor Deals. 21.5” Business monitor, FHD Screen, 16:9 , 5ms,
D-Sub, DVI, High adjustable, VESA, Swivel, Tilt,
Pivot, 3 Years warranty. An affordable Samsung monitor for home usage.



22” Business Monitor , 1680×1050, 5ms, D-Sub,
DP, DVI, Hight Adjustable, VESA, Swivel, Tilt,
Pivot, 3 years warranty. It’s a wide screen monitor if you are looking for large display, so this is the best choice.



23.6″ FHD Screen, 16:9 Aspect Ratio, 5ms, DSub
(VGA), DVI, DisplayPort, Vesa, Swivel, Tilt,
Pivot, 3 Years warranty. One of the best Samsung monitor deals with FHD screen.



27″ FHD Super Slim Curved Screen, 16:9 Aspect
Ratio, 4ms, F-SYNC, D-sub, HDMi, black high
glossy, Vesa, D-sub , DVi, DisplayPort,
3 years warranty. If you like to use a curved screen and interested, so this Samsung monitor is for you.




24” FHD Screen , 16:10 Aspect Ratio, 5ms,
D-Sub, DVI, Vesa, Swivel, Tilt, Pivot,
3 Years warranty




28” UHD 4K Wide Screen, 1 ms, 16:9 Aspect
Ratio, Display port, HDMi, black & metallic
Silver, Vesa, 2x HDMi, Display port, Tilt,
3 Years Warranty. A large display and 4K Supportable feature.




24” Gaming Curve FHD QLED, 1ms, 144Hz,
FreeSync, High Adjustable, Display port, 2x
HDMi, Tilt, pivot 3 Years warranty. A recommended choice for all gaming lovers.




34″ WQHD Curved Screen, 21:9 Aspect ratio,
4ms, 100Hz, F-SYNC, dark silver, Vesa, USB-C,
Display port, HDMi, High Adjustable, Tilt, Swivel,
Pivot, 3 Years warranty. Stylish and curved screen and easy adjustable monitor.




31.5” Gaming Curve 2K (2560×1440), 1ms,
144Hz, FreeSync, High Adjustable, Display
port, 2x HDMi, 3 Years warranty

samsung monitor deals


49” Business Curved 32:9 Super Ultra-Wide
Screen, 3840×1080, 5ms, 144Hz, KVM Switch,
Dual USB-C Ports, Height Adjustable, Tilt,
Swivel, 3 Years warranty


Work Wide. Work Smart.